WIPO Good Practice Toolkit for CMOs

Luke Alcott News, WIPO

The World Intellectual Property Organization has released for consultation its draft  “Good Practice Toolkit for Collective Management Organizations (CMOs)”.

Within the toolkit WIPO states

“The purpose of this WIPO Good Practice Toolkit for CMOs (The Toolkit) is to compile examples of legislation, regulation and codes of conduct in the area of collective management of copyright and related rights from around the world and to distil them into examples of good practice.”

The IAF supports this toolkit as a means to ensure that more authors are able to benefit from positive copyright regimes that will reward them for their creation.

WIPO has welcomed consultation, including in meetings alongside the next Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights meeting (SCCR36). Please contact us if you have any suggestions for us to raise or if would like to discuss this with us further.