Aims and objectives

The International Authors Forum is a forum for authors’ organisations to discuss various issues relevant to their own countries and to find out more about what is being done regarding similar situations across the globe.  It is a forum to discuss and share knowledge and help to find solutions.  These solutions might include consultation and/or research within the membership and identifying ways of benefitting or advising particular regions or statements of support on various initiatives.

Any authors’ organisation can join the discussions and attend meetings of the International Authors Forum. The IAF has been created to:

  • Provide authors’ organisations worldwide with an international platform to exchange information, develop positions and provide support in authors’ rights matters
  • Advocate the author’s role in society, pointing out the importance of creation for cultural diversity and the economic value which authors create
  • Promote and defend authors’ interests and authors’ rights including both moral and economic rights
  • Actively work in favour of balanced contractual legislation that guarantees fair practices for authors and ensures that authors retain their economic and moral rights against buyouts and other unfair practices
  • Promote the benefits of authors’ rights in general and of collective management in particular in order to ensure that authors always receive fair and equitable remuneration whenever their works are exploited by third parties.

The Forum has amassed a number of members from countries on several continents. Each year we hold several meetings, two within the auspices of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) focussing on the sharing of information and matters relating to secondary royalties and one completely independent discussing issues of importance to creators across a range of issues.   These issues have included contractual changes, legislative changes and general approaches. One meeting is usually held in May/June and the other two in October.  

You can help guide the discussions by either taking part in an online discussion or making suggestions to the Steering Committee as to what issues you’d like to see on the agenda at the meetings each year.